How Bed Bugs affect your business

Businesses most at risk of infestations

All business premises run the risk of bed bug exposure. From offices to construction sites, it only takes a one female to lay eggs, in a room such as a staff break out area, starting you on your bed bug nightmare. However, there are some businesses that will be a most risk due to the nature of their industry and increased public footfall, these are:

  • Hotels and AccommodationsTop of the lists are businesses who offer overnight accommodation to the public. With a large turnover of guests, most likely traveling with several luggage bags, hotel bedrooms are extremely susceptible to receiving unwanted pesky creatures. Smaller independent hotels, B&Bs and hostels are more likely to use older second-hand furniture, which is high on the list of where to look for bed bugs.

  • Restaurants and Hospitality – Many hospitality businesses do not provide any overnight accommodation. They are, however, frequented regularly by the public, thus posing a risk of bed bug infestation, as they provide comfortable and relaxing seating areas using soft furnishings such as sofas, covered chairs, and cushions, the perfect place for bed bugs to call home. Older establishments, such as pubs, may also have much older, second-hand furniture present as well – the ideal breeding ground for bed bugs.

  • Public Housing and Care Homes – Similar to hotels and accommodations, public housing and care homes are also at high risk of infestations. Although occupancy is more long term, they still provide optimal environments for bed bug breeding.

  • Transportation – As bed bugs cannot fly, they rely soling on being able to attach themselves to peoples clothing, and even transferring between locations on animals. Public transport, such as trains, busses, taxi’s and ferries, pose as the ideal way for bed bugs to travel between regions and even countries.

Battling the Bed Bug Onslaught

With the growing threat in Paris looming over the UK, it is important that high risk business remain vigilant and put in procedures in place to combat bed bug infestation. “The issue has raised questions about the spread of bed bugs to London, a mere two-hour train journey away. Bedbugs could easily survive the journey, potentially increasing the numbers in London due to the Paris epidemic.”


Don’t put your business in a risky position!

As soon as you spot early signs of potential bed bug problems you need to act responsibly and get treatment as soon as possible. Delaying treatment may cause further rooms to become infected and it could spread to residential homes as well as surrounding businesses if not dealt with quickly.

Bugs can cause a number of problems and threats to businesses:


Whilst bed bugs are not known to carry or transmit diseases, they still pose a health risk to the public through blistering, infections, and allergic reactions. Customers and colleagues affected by bed bugs on your business properties may need to seek medical advice.


Temporary loss of earnings will occur if business need to partially close, or permanently close, whilst pest solutions treatment is carried out. Replacement of assets, such as furniture, and costs for decorative renovations may be needed for businesses who have been affected by larger infestation, across multiple rooms.


Should an infection break out within your business, the detrimental effect this can have on your reputation is astronomical. From negative reviews to health inspections to loss of loyal customers and future business.


If any personal property is damaged because of a bed bug infestation on your property, you will be liable to cover the costs of replacement. You may also be held liable for medical bills, as well as surrounding businesses loss and damages if you are found to be source of infestation.


Professional pest solution services are realistically your best option to ensure complete eradication of a bed bug infestation. Due to their rapid reproduction and lifecycle, if even one adult bed bug survives you may find yourself back at square one.

However, in addition to professional treatment, there are proactive measures you can take to keep the bed bugs at bay:

  • Monitor rooms regularly, looking out for early signs on infestations.
  • Clean laundry on at least a 60°C wash – this destroys eggs, nymphs, and adults.
  • Use Protect a Bed mattress covers – these can be obtained through Rokill.
  • Vacuuming and sealing of cracks and crevices.
  • Isolate rooms following initial identification of bed bugs.
  • Avoid removing infested furniture yourself, if not carried out correctly you risk infesting additional rooms and hallways.

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